Wednesday, 25 February 2009

It's been a while...

since I've been updating this Supporters' Team blogsite properly. There have been a number of reasons for this, which aren't particularly important, those who know what they were will understand.
The bottom line is I lost my enthusiasm for it, and it has taken quite a while to get my blogging appetite back on here.
But I'm ready to give it a go again, not least because it will be you the players who miss out if I don't. It's something I enjoy doing of course, otherwise I wouldn't attempt to, but i get just as much pleasure out of the rest of the team looking in on here.
Over the next couple of months I hope to get this site for "The Rabblers" back up to what I had achieved last season, & hope you all bear with me.
To that end I also need your help, with reports on games, many thanks to the likes of Shaun Dooley & Chris Tabrett for doing so already. But it would be nice to have more contributions, whether it be reports, or memories from the past games you've played in. This is YOUR site, I am merely the custodian of it!
So please put pen to paper & jot something down for me, it really would be appreciated!

Thank you!


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The next game is...

This coming Saturday, 28th February, away to our good friends & respected foes the Hayes Lane Ultras, which is the supporters' team of Bromley of course.

It is a 10.30am kick off, at Norman Park, the entrance being a few hundred yards past their Hayes Lane stadium, as you approach it from the Bromley South station direction.

I won't be at this personally as I'm over the Channel for the weekend, with Nicolas & Danuta, watching both Namur & PSG, so hopefully a few of you can knock up the details and send me some reports, as I've requested by email. To the usual email address please...

Thank anticipation.

I understand we will also have a home game against Worthing supporters' on Saturday 21st March, prior to the Ryman League Division One South clash at Champion Hill.

I'm not sure what other matches we have pencilled in, I've asked Hutty for the details, when he responds I'll post them on here.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Where is the kit?

The current Supporters' Team kit is the narrow Pink 'n' Blue striped one, based on the Hamlet 1920 Amateur Cup & Isthmian League double winning side from 1920. everyone who has seen it from within the Club has said what a fantastic kit it is. Indeed well done to the former management duo of Lawrence Marsh & Andy Tucker for ordering it!

When it was bought a number of fans took the opportunity to buy there own, which a basic eleven shirts bought for the kitbag. However a few have 'gone missing' over the last year or so, and the gaffer Mick O'Shaughnessy has been posting the following request on team emails;

"And a reminder chaps, we appear to be running very low on the pink "n" blue stripe kit. So if you have mistakenly taken some of the kit home with you, would you be kind enough to return it, when/if you turn up to play for the supporters team again. Or even if you don't turn up to play for the supporters team again."

He has done this a number of times now, which-for me-implies that they have still not been returned. Well I am not as much of a gentleman as mick. So let me be more succinct:


There! Got the message?

If anyone has one can they please return it to Mick, Hutty or Phil Baker,, no questions asked?

(Paul Griffin is excluded in this. I found out that he has the one worn by one of last summer's touring party guests to Tallinn & Helsinki, Dave O'Shaughnessy's one. He has had this since last July, but hasn't 'got round' to returning it yet! Hope that allays some of the tealeafing fears Mick!)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Tours are like buses..wait for ages then two come along at once!

Our eighth annual summer tour is confirmed. Which will be our twelfth foreign tour in all. On the last weekend of July we return to Helsinki to again play our new friends from the HJK club, who made us so welcome last year. As well as a full eleven a side supporters' match we will be cheering them on in their 'big boys' First Team top flight Veikkausliiga match versus FC Haka, it promises to be a great weekend, albeit an extremely expensive one, in a pricy town, even before the pound crashed!

Tour eleven is only a few weeks before Helsinki, and will be our fourth trip over to Belgium. The big day for this is Saturday 20th June, when we have been invited into the Cyril Mangin Tournament, which is an international seven-a-side competition, which is being organised by the fans of Union Saint Gilloise, who we first met at the RFC Liege fans' Johan Felix Tournament, which we were invited to in May 2005. It was also at this tournament where we first met our good Hamlet friend Nicolas Lucas, since then brought his Belgian Paris Saint Germain supporters' team over to England twice; invited us to their tournament in Belgium in 2006; and in 2007 played host to us in Paris itself! Nicolas was also instrumental in establishing links between "The Rabblers" & the supporters of Union Royale Namur, who we visited warly last year!

These promise to be two great trips, though perhaps a bit too close together for some, especially as the mid-season one early this year wasn't arranged, as the management expressed concern that two tours would prove a bit costly for some...

Everyone is welcome on these tours, you don't have to go on both to be involved, though you're more than welcome to! If you would like to make either trip, as a player, or as a supporter of the supporters, then just drop an email to the gaffer Mick O'Shaughnessy at:

Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Ladyboys have the balls to beat us again!

"The Rabblers" 6
Ladywell FC 11
22nd November 2008
Friendly match at Belair Park

With a strong wind blowing across the pitch, it would seem this would have a bearing on the result of this match.
In the end it wasn't the blowy conditions but the inability of the Dulwich defence to clear their lines and cope with the low sun!
All seemed well at the outset as Dulwich had the better of the early exchanges and it was no surprise when after 5 minuntes some short interchange around the Dulwich midfield the ball arrived at the feet of DAVE YUILL 25 yards out, he moved forward unchallenged easing into the box from the right and from about 16 yards hit a sweet shot with the outside of his right foot and the ball nestled in the bottom corner past the despairing dive of the Ladywell keeper. On 8 minutes it was 2-0 to Dulwich & again the midfield interchange was slick and ball was slotted through the centre of the Ladywell defence for DAVE HEDGES to run onto and ease the ball past the advancing Ladywell keeper into an unguarded net. At this point Dulwich were looking quite comfortable but the the pendulum swung! On 13 minutes the Dulwich defence was caught flat footed and one of their forwards advanced into the box and shot under Matt Hammond, Steve Rickerby chasing back could only help the goalbound effort into the back of the net for an O.G.
Dulwich had a chance to restore the two goal advantage but the Ladywell keeper made a brave save at the feet of Dave Hedges.

It seemed after this that Dulwich hit the self destruct button and totally fell apart. Five more unanswered goals followed as Dulwich looked totally disjointed and half time came with the score Dulwich 2 Ladywell 6.

The second half started and carried on in the same vein as the last 25 minutes of the first, and within eight minutes of the restart Dulwich found themselves 8-2 down and staring down the barrel of an extremely heavy defeat. The troops attempterd to rally and debutant ETHAN MEADE was growing in confidence by the minute. From a corner forced by Ethan the ball found its way back into the six yard box where the ball fell to the feet of Ferenc who managed to find the only defender on the line who blocked his shot, the rebound fell kindly for Dulwich and the ball arrived back at the feet of FERENC MORATH who this time made no mistake rifling the ball home from 4 yards, reducing the deficit to 8-3. Dulwich then produced a ten minute spell of poor play conceding three more goals and with around 20 minutes still to go the score was now 11-3 to Ladywell. Strangely at this point where you would expect Dulwich to totally fall apart they didn't, we picked ourselves up, brushed ourselves down and had their best spell of the game. Forcing a couple of quick corners in succession which from the second a near post flick on arrived at the foot of the late run of SHAUN DOOLEY who blasted a volley into the
roof of the net from 5 yds, now 11-4 to Ladywell. The Dulwich attacks were coming thick and fast, Ethan now having a field day against the tiring Ladywell defence. It was from one of these mazy runs that led to ETHAN MEADE entering the Ladywell box and slotting the ball past the Ladywell keeper. 11-5 to Ladywell with about 10 mins to go. Soon after Dulwich were back on the attack and a good run down the left from Ethan found him in space and he delivered an excellent cross from which young Jamie Gannon,also making his debut, escaped his marker and he met the cross first time, the ball going agonisingly inches past the post with the keeper rooted to his line. With Dulwich's superior fitness now showing it was no surprise when good work in midfield put ETHAN MEADE in behind the Ladywell defence and he comfortably slotted past the advancing keeper. 11-6 to Ladywell, after this though there were no further goals. With Dulwich definately in the ascendency and another half an hour we may have witnessed the
greatest ever comeback, but alas, we will never know!!!

The "Rabblers" team was:

Matt Hammond
Ian Gannon & his son Jamie Gannon (debut for the youn 'un!)
Ferenc Morath
Jake Salmon (debut, one of the 'posh lot' from the FA Trophy games!)
Paul Verrico
Dave Penney
Steve Rickerby
Dawn Taylor
John Pendergast
Chris Garrett
Chris Tabrett
David Yuill
Ethan Meade (debut)
Dave Hedges (debut, another of the 'posh lot')
Shaun Dooley

Grateful thanks to Shaun Dooley for this report.

Friday, 20 February 2009

I'm glad I missed this one!

Saturday 25th October 2008
Hampton & Richmond Borough supporters' 9,
The Rabblers 2.
at Bushy Park, Middlesex.
IFA League match

I wasn't at this match, I was on my annual 'birthday trip' to the Czech Republic. It's seems that the majority of you weren't there either!

I've never kept records of the Supporters' Team but if I had I would guess I'd be able to confirm that this team was probably the most unrepresentative of any 'Rabblers' side in an eleven a side match!

The team, as far I could ascertain was Ian Gannon; Phil Baker; Ian Wright; Chris Garrett; Jack McInroy; Mark Hutton; Jack McInroy; & Matthew Virgo.Along with two 'guest players' Aaron Long & Aaron Whitton. And some players kindly loaned from the opposition. We ended up with three Hampton chaps in Pink and Blue by the final whistle! So half of the outfield team were not Hamlet supporters by the time the match ended!

To be fair the gaffer Mick O'Shaughnessy took on this fixture at very short notice, which I doubt if he would do so again. The main reason he did was for the respect that we hold our Hampton & Richmond borough counterparts in, which was fair enough.

The less said about the game the better! To be honest the few that were there struggled to recall much about it!

I'll just repeat the kind words posted by our opposition on the IFA yahoo group messageboard:

"The Dulwich Hamlet team really are what IFA football is all about.They did everything they could to get a full team out at short notice -and made the journey over knowing they would have 10 at most.Fortunately we had enough numbers to lend Dulwich Hamlet some bodies - and thanks to those lads on our side who took their turn in the Pink & Blue shirt.The scoreline may look comfortable but for the opening 20 mins it was avery even contest - but once we got our noses in front we gained in confidence. 5-1 at half time the Dulwich Hamlet boys could have let their heads drop -but there was none of that.Always a pleasure to play against them and hope we can get over to them later in the season."

If anyone can recall who the goalscorers were I'd be most grateful.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

"O" no! Rabblers go down in ELEVEN goal thriller!

Saturday 4th October 2008
Leyton Orient supporters' 6,
"The Rabblers" 5.
IFA League.

This game was quite a while ago now, and if it's a report you want I'm afraid I haven't got one! Humble apologies from me! I took notes at the time, noted the goalscorers, but never found the inspiration to write it. And now, many months later, I cannot locate the scraps of paper where I jotted down the details. I shall appeal for more details from the rest of squad, & hope for the best.

Until then I'm afraid you'll have to make to with this set of snaps I took on the day:

The changing room...where you dream of a great game, it's all in the mind...until you get out there & realise how unfit you are! ;-)

Now that's what I call taking the warm up seriously!

The new batch of hooped socks are ready to be worn!

Chris Tabrett poses for the camera!

How apt, a goalkeeper with a net full of balls!


Back to basics...

Why does Danny look as though he's just finished ninety minutes, rather than starting...

Ready to keep goal, or do a drug deal? Hoodie Hammond!

Subs on the sidelines 'ready' for action!

A bench to strike fear into the opposition!

Gaffer Mick is, erm, attempting to rally the troops!

Team photo from before kick up...minus those who only turned up at half time!

And so to the big kick off.

And 'action'!

Dunno what went wrong here, this photo looks half decent! ;-)

It's behind you!

Half time arrives, as does Jacko!

Mick goes into Churchillian mode...I think!

Chris looks a bit tired, as Big Matt, a half time arrival (guesting from Ladywell FC) gets ready.

"The Rabblers" team:

Shaun Dooley; Mick O'Shaughnessy; Danny King; Chris Tabrett; Phil Baker; Mark Hutton; Steve Rickerby; Chris Garrett; James O'Shaughnessy; Matt Hammond; John Prendergast; Mishi Morath; Jack McInroy; & 'guest players from Ladywell FC: Matt Pike; Al Margolies; Matt Edwards.