Sunday, 26 July 2009

Brief greetings from Helsinki!

Very, very brief!

Just to say we've had a great time, & only lost to the Forza HJK supporters' by the odd goal in three!

They have been so friendly, & some sort of report, & photos, will follow over the next week or so, when I get home on Wednesday, as I'm in Riga, in Latvia from tomorrow, returning Wednesday.

Of course 'what goes on tour stays on tour' so you may never find out which team members spent most of their time in their hotels runmaaging through womens' underwear (!)....

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Helsinki invasion has begun!

The advance party of Dulwich Hamlet Supporters' are already on Finnish soil as I type this from South-East London!

I will be in the second wave, flying from Gatwick in the morning.

We are all really looking forward to seeing all the friends we made on our trip last year, and will play the HJK Helsinki supporters' at 11.00am local time, on Saturday morning.

I return to English next Wednesday, flying back from Riga, in Latvia! So expect a report and photos about a week after that!

In case you're wondering our tour party is:

Mick O'Shaughnessy; Mark Hutton; Dawn Taylor; Steve Rickerby; Phil Baker; Darren Nicolas; Matt Hammond; John Prendergast; David O'Shaughnessy; Shaun Dooley; Paul Griffin & Mishi Morath. Also 'guesting' for us are Stephane Tournay, from UR Namur supporters' in Belgium; & a friend of his, Dave, an Anderlecht fan.

Here's hoping for another great trip!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Coming soon...

I haven't had time to do a little write-up & publish a few pictures, from our recent match at Kennington Park against a group of friends of one of our players Lucas Green. We lost 4-1, and the match was part of his Stag Day, as he's getting married in August.

I hope to do a report in the not too distant future. Can't do now, as i'm getting ready for Helsinki! ;-)

Watch this the old saying goes!

Friday, 10 July 2009

It's just like 'The Ashes'!

Last night 'The Rabblers' took on the Hayes Lane Ultras, which is the Bromlet supporters', in the fourth annual 20/20 cricket match. A change of venue, it was at one of our old football venues, Coldharbour Sportsground, in Mottingham.

Just like England in 'The Ashes' our glorious victory last year was but a distant memory, & we lost again, with the 2008 encounter appearing to be a 'one in a generation' thing, just like England in the Ashes series with the old convicts from Australia.

I had hoped to bring you a team photo, and cobble together some sort of report on the occasion, but unfortunately I couldn't get a snap, as the players were uninterested. So I chose to do the same, and blanked them, choosing to go straight back to the station, & catch the first train home.

I can only run a blog for the team, & for everyone, including myself to enjoy, if people help me out! A team picture only takes a few seconds! Thanks chaps!

For the record, we were put into bat, & scored fifty runs at the end of our innings. Bromley wuickly surpassed this, & Phil Baker kindly agreed to extend the game so Bromley could enjoy their full twenty overs, & they finished up with 99 runs, though I didn't check how many wickets went on the way to this total.