Saturday, 31 October 2009

Our Union with Union Royale Namur grows

On the 31st October our friends from Namur, including Nicolas & Stephane, as well as Dave, who played in Helsinki in the summer for us, were in England to play the Oxford United supporters' team. Both Mishi Morath & Lawrence Marsh had the honour of 'guesting' for Namur, on 'loan' from "The Rabblers". Although the game was lost 5-1, it was a great day out, following by an afternoon cheering on Oxford to a one nil victory over Altrincham.

Oxford United were prefect hosts, and a pleasure to meet.

Here is Mishi & Lawrence, alongside Nicolas.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

More thoughts from Helsinki 2009...

Even though it's a few months ago now SHAUN DOOLEY has kindly shared his brief memories of the summer trip to Helsinki:

"This report is embarassingly late, I still jotted them down as I felt I needed to say a few words as the work you put into this site isn't always backed up by the rest of us!

As good as our short visit was on our previous tour our hosts truly excelled in making this trip comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. Special mention to Veli and Sisko but taking away nothing from all the other guys who all played their part. Not being one overly interested in sightseeing I must say what I saw around Helsinki was fantastic! (Must be mellowing in my old age...) The architecture was amazing, the market thriving, with the market square being a lovely view from the church steps.

The visits to watch HJK were enjoyable even though the results were not. The Supporters' game was played in very hot conditions but was a great game in which we gave our all and each and everyone of us should hold our heads high and be proud of what we achieved on the pitch against a younger and fitter team. I really look forward to future tours with our good friends from Finland, & hope they come to play us over here in England in the not too distant future."