Sunday, 14 March 2010

Down memory lane...

I realise you're all looking in (I hope!) & waiting for reviews &write-ups from our magnificent trip to Glasgow last weekend, but please bear with me!

It's 'on the way', & I hope to put some work in on it all next week, & when it's done I'll let you all know via Mick, on the team email group, & the messagboard.

In the meantime my favourite French side Red Star have taken a turn for the better in their CFA (regional fourth division level) games, winning two in the last week, relieving some worries about relegation fears.

Thier website this weekend mentioned 'results on this day' yesterday, 13th March, & five years ago Red Star crushed Aubervilliers in a Divsion Honneur (fifth level) match. This was the match 'The Rabblers' attended, having beaten their supporters' by the odd goal in five in the morning, which was our first ever full eleven-a-side match abroad, & also our inaugrial mid-season foreign jaunt.

Here is a cracking link from their archives for anyone who wants to relive that superb day.

Allez Red Star!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Next stop Hampden Park!

Only a few days now until we hit Glasgow!

A few people have been asking who the tour party is, so, with thanks to the Gaffer for supplying the list, it's as follows:

Mick O'Shaughnessy & his right hand man Mark Hutton, leading the tour party.

With the rest being:

Phil Baker; Steve Bennett; Shaun Dooley; Phil Doyle; Ian Gannon; Paul Griffin; Nicolas Lucas; Jack McInroy; Larry Marsh; Malcolm Meredith; Mishi Morath; Darren Nicolas; David O'Shaughnessy; James O'Shaughnessy; John Prendergast; Steve Rickerby; Dawn Taylor; Jon Tennison; Stephane Tournay & Mathieu Istasse.
Non-playing supporters: Matthew Hammond ; Roger Deason; Richard Watts; Celine Frateur; Melanie Lucking & Danuta Wilmart.

Which all adds up bloody big party!

See you all on Friday night!

Supporters: Richard Watts and Roger Deason.